Utubro offers effective and hyper-targeted marketing and media solutions that not only enable brands' videos to reach the elusive millennial audience but also deliver your products or services to Chinese customers

Video strategy are the backbone of many of today’s most successful marketing campaigns. Video is a powerful way to demonstrate instruction or present emotional content. In China video marketing is a new field  while more than half of consumers turn to online videos when they’re making purchasing decisions. It is just the time to make your brand to be more competitive in this wealthy country to occupy more.

Utubro is the pioneer who has years' video operating experience. While our international trade team assists brand for your product and service distribution. We connect both of your video content and your product or service with the world's second largest economy. Utubro’s whole professional team provides you a complete one-stop solution to be your branch in China.

Double your market  Double your gains
Utubro is here for you

Utubro will take you through all the steps to define and implement a successful brand's strategy in China.

Building Content Strategy

From video product reviews by the brand's own creation, creation in collaboration or the curation of existing content, Utubro allows brands to get the content they need to drive views,likes and engagement.




Content is at the very core and the first type of content is created by the brand.
Utubro‘s professional creation and production team helps brand create their Chinese native brand's content. Add Chinese features into brand's existing video contents.
Collaborations can be a powerful way to reach new viewers. Forge connections to find a broader audience.
Utubro helps brands collaborate with great video creators in China.  By supply their content examples, audience demographics and geography, ensuring brands have the info needed to hire the right creators.
Curation can add credibility to your corporation’s perspective.
Utubro operation team thinks
carefully about how you feature your own videos alongside with approprate Chinese creators’ to
maximize the power of your message in China's market.

Business Services

Utubro is your brand's marketing and China branch in China.


Video Optimization

Channel Optimization

In a world of short attention spans and increasing options, advertising
is undergoing a sea change. More and more, ads are becoming content that people choose to watch. A piece of content that will not achieve all of
your business's goals. Every content you create will achieve a
different goal. At first step Utubro will asist you for your Chinese
video marketing strategy.
Content is king, sometimes your content is still stuck in the analogue world.  Localized your brand's content is essential. Localization of video material can be a complicated process. Our dedicatd team is going to optimize your video's title, description, tags and other details for welcoming your Chinese audience.
Gain relationships by promoting your channel. Brand's channel plays a big role in developing audience. However to devise a channel strategy is a bit different between YouTube and the platforms in China depands on the different policy. Utubro provides professional channel services and to make your brand more welcoming and discoverable. For more information please contact us.

Copyright Protection



There are thousands of copycats in China. Your brand's property might be infringed right now in China. Copycats don't care about PR or your brand's audience. Utubro is official cooperator with the top Chinese video platforms. We protect your reputation and rights here. Join Utubro in China, we've got your back.
Utubro provides two distribution systems, Sales Distributions(SD) and Video Distributions(VD) for brands. Our powerful VD puts your videos being eligible and having access to premium resources and much more. SD distributes your products into our sales channels, online and offline. For brands the products or services and the culture are equally important. Utubro knows  your culture the best and we will serve your customers and your audiences the best.
Different market, things should be a bit different. Utubro's experts are available to draw up your strategy for your content and your business in China. Your dedicated consultant will always be ready to support you. A long-term strategy for your presence in partnership with Utubro means you're never lost and facing a checkmate.


Building Business

Metadata & Analysis

Utubro takes care of your every single Chinese audience to discover them, to interact with them, to develop relationships with them. Utubro provides the best audience management makes your Chinese audience becomes powerful brand advocates.
Utubro provides brands the whole chain business services. From importing and exporting service to advertising, retailing and CRM, through merchandising channels and diversified content distributions,  Utubro's trading team and video running team connect brand's products and contents with Chinese custmers and audiences by our well-versed in understanding your brand's strategy in China.
Boost video's rank during searches and retaining audience while engaging them effectively are what metadata and analysis optimization can do.  we can't guarantee any video will go viral, we do have some proven tactics makes videos discoverable and shareable.  Measurement is key, both for defining success and optimizing towards it.