When it comes to land your creativities in China
Only as a network is not enough anymore

Utubro connects your hard work with the world's second largest economy and we are one of the most professional video operating network in China. It is worth mentioning is that we provide video services for youtubers during the past several years. Therefore as a Chinese native network, Utubro provides the best video services according to advanced methods and rules. Furthermore, we have rich distributions in China and we deeply understand how to connect an overseas content to Chinese audience to rise the creator's reputation and acquisition.

Double your market  Double your gains
You have to double your team
Utubro is here for you

Video Optimization

Channel Optimization

Copyright Protection

Content is king, sometimes your content is still stuck in the analogue world.  Localized your hard work is essential. Localization of video material can be a complicated process. Our dedicatd team is going to optimize your video's title, description, tags and other details for  welcoming your Chinese audience.
Video channel plays a big role in developing your audience. However setup a channel is a bit different between YouTube and the platforms in China depands on the different policy. Utubro provides the professional channel services and make your videos more welcoming. For more information please contact us.
There are thousands of copycats in China. Your art might be infringed right now in China. We know you work hard on your content and we don't like to see someone else benefit from your efforts. Utubro is official cooperator with the top Chinese video platforms. We track, block and monetize copies of your work. Join Utubro in China, we've got your back.


Consulting & Strategy


We help you take advantage of the amazing opportunities of online video in China. Besides packaging and selling ads on your video to boost CPMs, we also have an awesome sales team and have cooperated with hundreds merchants and brands that connects you with top goods and brands for sponsorship opportunities if your channel qualifies.
Utubro has been in partnership with the top Chinese video and relative platforms. We automatically bring you to the highest levels in China. Our powerful distributions put your videos being eligible and having access to premium resources and much more. Meanwhile we leverage social connections to drive organic distribution and viewership.
Different market, the strategy should be a bit different. Utubro's experts are available to draw up your strategy for your content and your business in China. Your dedicated consultant will always be ready to support you. A long-term strategy for your presence in partnership with Utubro means you're never lost and facing a checkmate.

Audience Relationships

Building Business

Metadata & Analysis

Audience is all the matters. Utubro takes care of  every single your Chinese audience to discover them, to interact with them, to develop relationships with them. Infringers are not only steal your incomes but also destroy the relationship between you and your hard work. Utubro provides the best audience management to raise your Chinese audience and to earn their loyalty.
Utubro has been cooperating with many manufacurers and distributors. Through merchandising, diversified content distribution, and alternate revenue streams, we help creators transition from hobbyists to professionals.  Last but not least, we provides importing and exporting services for our creators landing your goods in China.
Boost video's rank during searches and retaining audience while engaging them effectively are what metadata and analysis optimization can do. Depand on our partnership with the top video platforms and our years' experience,while we can't guarantee any video will go viral, we do have some proven tactics makes videos discoverable and shareable.  Measurement is key, both for defining success and optimizing towards it.